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The Landings at Waterford Homeowners Association formed the Neighborhood Watch Sub-committee for the purpose of helping to keep our neighborhood safe. The Sub-Committee is led by Tucker Marcheso. He and the Block Watch Captains work with the Landings HOA Board, Association Services Inc. (the HOA Management Firm), Coeur d’Alene Police Department and the other Member Volunteers of the Sub-Committee. New members are always welcome to join and all residents are encouraged to contact us for additional information using the various methods offered as part of this site.

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5/11/14 Call For Candidates For Neighborhood Watch Committee Chairperson

9/19/13 New report shows property crime spike in Kootenai reports on the FBI annual report.

Excerpts: "Coeur d'Alene police said they acknowledge the increase between 2010 and 2012. But police also said they are making strides in reducing those numbers."

"...despite the past increase, [Detective] Reneau said the department is actually seeing a decrease in 2013. According to police data, the amount of burglaries through July of 2013 is down 27% compared to the previous year."

".... He said homeowners can do their part by staying vigilant and calling police whenever they see something suspicious."

6/29/13 Feedback from CDAPD Town Hall Meeting and Block Watch Q & A:  Dr. Norman Leffler (our newest Block Watch Captain, Zone 11-Good Water Loop) and I attended the Annual Fireworks Warning Meeting.  The Fireworks info was similar to the 6/28/12 Meeting reported below.  A new brochure was handed out covering "SCAMS ON SENIORS".  It contains information of use to all ages IMHO.   

4/23/13 Dangerous Situation Fixed by Neighborhood Watch Member: A "Tip of the Hat" is deserved for Neighborhood Watch member Lila Langston.  She recently recognized the inherent danger caused by cars parked too close to the corner of Carrington and Princetown (at the new construction site).  Traffic heading north on Carrington (toward Princetown) could not be seen by drivers heading east on Princetown (while at the Stop Sign).  Lila contacted CDAPD and alerted them to her concerns.  Sgt. Shane Avrett of Traffic Division got right on it and from what I have seen was effective in keeping cars beyond the 30 foot distance from the corner that is required by law.  She was also informed that the situation would be watched by the police and tickets issued if necessary.  Thanks Lila.

3/14/13 Feedback from CDAPD Town Hall Meeting & Block Watch Q & A: This meeting covered:TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT:..
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11/8/12 Feedback from CDAPD Town Hall Meeting & Block Watch Q & A:  This quarterly meeting provided information about burglary arrests and crime prevention tips...
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10/9/2012 CDAPD has seen a large increase in daytime residential burglaries in the past month.  "... over seventy (70) have occured in this short time..."

07/24/12 Break-ins on the rise in Coeur d'Alene:  "Burglaries are on the rise in the Lake City, and burglars are becoming as brazen as ever, even trying to break in when someone is home."...

06/28/12 4th of July Info from CDAPD & Info Regarding Fresh Graffiti:  As we reported by Email Notice earlier this week there are several pieces of information to pass on to residents

04/03/12 Door-to-Door Magazine Sales Scam.  This Urgent Message from The Better Business Bureau was passed onto us from the CDAPD.

3/21/12  Meeting Summary: The Landings Neighborhood Watch Subcommittee reported on the status of Progress and Plans to the HOA Board of Directors.  Received OK from the Board for a Special Presentation at the Annual HOA Meeting in May.

03/12/12 Local TV News Station Covers The Landings Neighborhood Watch Activities.   Anusha Roy of KXLY, Channel 4, reports on the formation of The Landings at Waterford Neighborhood Watch.  During the interview credit was given to Chris Doyle, David Warnick, Barry Lee, Bob and Kim Brandon, Sgt. Christie Wood (CDAPD), Sherry Lenarz, Judy Padilla (both of ASI), and the HOA Board of Directors (unfortunately that part of the interview did not make it on air).  My personal thanks to all those who responded to our call for joining The Watch...they would not be covering us otherwise.

03/08/12 The Leadership of the Landings Neighborhood Watch held their first Meeting of the year last night at the Hayden Library.  We were joined by Chief Longo and Sgt. Christie Wood of the Coeur d'Alene Police Department who offered their support and partnership to our activities.  Additional details of the meeting and results will be forthcoming...

02/28/12  The Coeur d'Alene Police Department has a new online tool to make sure you're in the loop during an emergency.

12/29/11 Gotcha! Final two arrests made in serial burglaries.   Coeur d'Alene police said two more individuals wanted in connection with multiple burglaries in North Idaho and Spokane during the past several months are in custody.

12/22/11  Police bust big burglary ring.  Coeur d'Alene police have four suspects in custody and are seeking four more after cracking massive burglary ring.

12/3/11  FREE CLINIC 12/16/11: "Appropriate Response to Prowlers and Home Invasion".  See details of Free Clinic offered by Center Target Sports in Post Falls and a first hand report of the recent attempted robbery at knife point at the CDA Goodwill Store.  (Excerpts from the CTS December Newsletter).  

12/1/11  Cause and effect: Rise of arrests leads to drop in home burglaries  There have been over 100 home burglaries across Kootenai County since September, but now authorities are saying the crime wave appears to be shrinking....

11/16/11  Coeur d'Alene Police Department Press Release regarding the series of burglaries that have occurred in the City and County...

11/16/11  Notices were attached to mail box posts in The Landings today in an attempt to alert the residents of the recent rash of burglaries and other crimes here and in surrounding areas.

11/9/11 Burglars were busy
A rash of burglaries is continuing in the Coeur d'Alene area...
UPDATE 11/10/11  More burglaries reported
"...burglars appear to be becoming more brazen"
UPDATE 11/11/11 Attempted Burglary at 3400 Block of Loxton Loop.  A Neighborhood Watch member reports: "...there was an attempted home invasion this afternoon @ 34XX W. Loxton Loop between 12:00-5:00 p.m. today. This is a friend of the neighbor. The attempt was made @ the front door in the "indiscreet" fashion of kicking in the front door. As I stated it was an attempt. The door and door jamb was damaged however, no entry was made (thank God)!"
UPDATE 11/12/11 A Residential Burglary was committed at the 3400 Block of Lotze Loop - no details available at this time.

10/23/11 Cause for Alarm
Daytime burglaries reported at a rate four times higher than during similar period last year.
EXCERPTS FROM COEUR d'ALENE PRESS ARTICLE by Alecia Warren: happened in broad daylight.
...he wishes he had known before, he added, is how big a problem this has been in the area.
There have been 91 residential burglaries in Kootenai County since the first of September through mid-October...
That's vaulted from 21 ...over the same period last year...
"We would just remind people to make sure they're active in their block watch, that neighbors are helping neighbors," she said [Sgt Christie Wood, CDAPD]
CLICK HERE for entire article with emphasis added by JVR

9/23/11 Teens Face Theft Charges - Police detectives recently closed 31 auto burglary cases, and two felony malicious-injury to property cases that were reported over the course of the summer.

Channel 4 Coverage of recent graffiti incident (8/2/11)

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A Note about The Landings Neighborhood Watch Membership

Fortunately, crime in our neighborhood is light.  But, crimes do occur. Continuing to organize and expand the number of members involved in our Neighborhood Watch will only help to produce a safer, more secure place for all of us to call home.

By joining the Landings Neighborhood Watch you are simply making the act of "watching out for your neighbor" a little more systematic.  Your only commitment is to be concerned about your neighbors property and to take action when you see suspicious activity.

So come on, fill out our Profile Questionnaire (or send one of us an email or give us a call to let us know you are interested about our activities). Let us know if it is OK to contact you (by email or phone) with more information or to answer any questions you may have.

Thanks for your involvment,

Tucker Marcheso, Chairman Neighbohood Watch Subcommittee

Jodi Dion , The Landings HOA Manager



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